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The mixed media work collaboration between Michael Francis and the artist Laysa, this collection seeks to re-create mixed-media versions of great works of art as a tribute to the original artist. We had fun body painting the models and emulating the poses. In 'Hands' all the hands are real and the picture was taken in one shot! In 'Blue Nude' the model was painted first with silver then with Blue paint. In 'Woman Ironing' Laysa herself took on the task of re-creating the near impossible pose!

The digital art is exclusively the work of Michael Francis where he is seeking to interpret the work of master artists.
The Countess: Photography and Digital Art, Inspired by Tamara de LempickaThe Dream: Photography and Digital Art Inspired by Tamara de LempickaPortrait of Keira: Photography and Digital Art. Inspired by Tamara de LempickaFlower Girl: Photography and Digital Art Inspired by Tamara de LempikaWoman Ironing: Photography and Charcoal. Inspired by PicassoBlue Nude: Photography and Oils. Inspired by PicassoHands: Photography and Acrylics. Inspired by Edvard MunchNude Woman and a Mirror, inspired by Amela Subasic